Beauty Tips Before Bedtime

Many people are having skin problems such as skin pigmentation, acne, dull skin, which may be the result of pollution that they met during the day. Stress from work or other matters also affects the skin. Today we will provide you skincare tips to do every night before bedtime for healthy and young looking skin.

1. Cleansing
This step is a very important step before skin nourishment, especially the girls who wear makeup, must wash it off thoroughly. If a residue is left out, acne will surely pop up the next day. Or if there is no acne triggered, just be ready for its explosion. Thus, using facial foam and makeup remover will help in cleaning the skin perfectly.

2. Face Serum
Many people may think that their own facial firmness probably does not need to use serum, but this is so wrong. The reason is because recently, we have a serum that is suitable for all skin types. It also nourishes the skin deeply and brightens the skin regularly. Moreover, the serum helps to slow down the aging. Basically, using a serum will add nutrients to the skin constantly.

3. Moisturizer
The moment when we sleep is the time that we should not neglect to nourish the skin. We believe that many people like to sleep in an air-conditioned room and that will make your skin dry and tight. Therefore, it is very necessary to apply moisturizer before bedtime. In addition, it protects the skin from damaging too. When applying moisturizer on your face, do not forget to put on your neck too.

4. Eye Cream
It is well known that the skin around the eyes is extra gentle. We simply note that if you have dark circles under the eyes, your skin is unhealthy.  Thus, it is very important to apply eye cream to nourish the skin under the eyes. To apply eye cream, it is better to start from the inner corner of the eye slowly to the outer corner. You should use your ring finger to apply cream in an eye area. 
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