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Thai Sakura


INCI NAME: Prunus Cerasoides Extract
  Nang Phaya Sua Krong are well known throughout the world and are known in general as “Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom” and “Thai Sakura”. Scientists have found a shortcut to beauty by using the petals of Cherry Blossom. Throughout the extraction process is found to have “Rutin”, a compound from the flavonoid class of plant secondary metabolites. This compound is most known for their antioxidant activities. Rutin is a good supply for reducing wrinkles and brighten. Even though this compound can be famously found in Japan, it is found that Thai Sakura contains higher level of anti-oxidant and is more compatible with Asian skin.



Recommended Use

Cleanser, Facial Spray, Day cream, Night Cream

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Thai Sakura