Comprehensive Cosmetics Manufacture and Branding Services 

Our company is ready to offer you comprehensive cosmetic Branding Services with full chain of production. We focus on providing comprehensive service based on production standards from Italy and Japan.

    Our professional technologists are ready to produce unique formulation for you using natural ingredients from Thailand and other countries. We know how important to have a full quality service and understanding between manufacturer and customer. Right after you would contact our company our professional and friendly team would take care and support you on the each step of your project.

   We committed of idea or customer satisfaction.

FDA Registration
Logo & Packaging Design
Unique Packaging Consultant
Packaging Screen
Packing Service
Sticker Printing Service
Online Marketing Support
Logistic Support
Modern Trade
Funding Service
Document Registration
Prohibited Substance Inspection
Logo and Trademark Registration
Patent Registration
Cost Planning & Investment Service
Stability and Compatibility Test
Master Formula Research & Development