Funding Service

Funding Service
Services that will enhance the ability to compete for your business, give advices on suitable source of investment capital because it is essential, since the beginning of the business and during business operations, as a factor for success.
Additionally, we provide services to write quality business plan to build credibility for recognition and support from the sources of capitals. The business plan is the foundation of good business practice from the start to create advantages for the business.

Consideration for appropriate funds for you ???
• If you need capital to expand the businesses, look for a "long-term funding".
• If you want to increase liquidity for the business, look for "short-term funding".
• Number of sufficient funds
• Comparison of interest rates
• Terms of various funding sources

Quality Plus sees necessity of business. Hence, it develops quality service as Funding Service to provide advices regarding financing for businesses to help business utilize the capitals properly as required.

"An opportunity to increase profits when there is an accessible source of capital"
✔ Ahead of competitors with better product quality  ✔ To more reduce the production cost (Economy of Scale)
✔ Increase opportunities to use more quality services  ✔ Utilize more marketing budget to reduce liquidity problems
✔ With the help of experts to write a business plan  ✔ Use business plan to actually expand the business operations
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